import SimpleOpenNI.*; SimpleOpenNI kinect; void setup() { size(640,480); kinect = new SimpleOpenNI(this); kinect.enableDepth(); kinect.enableUser(SimpleOpenNI.SKEL_PROFILE_ALL); }

void draw() { kinect.update();

//vector of ints to store users IntVector userList = new IntVector(); //list of detected users kinect.getUsers(userList); if (userList.size()>0) { int userId = userList.get(0); if(kinect.isTrackingSkeleton(userId)){

PVector torso = new PVector(); float […]

The trainer

Click me

Punching Nun

Sae’s Skeleton Tracking



Hand Tracking vs. Skeleton Tracking

I decided to improve on my hand tracking assignment so that it (roughly) tracks the angle of my hand and rotates the superimposed foam hand appropriately. I’ve included before and after footage above. Code below:


The Gun Show


Skeleton Tracking with Kinect and Processing

my blog is here with the (super-rough) code:

Air Drums

Taekwondo Stances | Hannah Davis


Skeletal Tracking – Elena

Check it out at my blog

Dano dance | Dollee & Crys

Dollee and I worked together this week for skeleton tracking. I have never laughed so hard…