Midterm Documentation: Owen & Sae

Midterm By Owen, on March 5th, 2012

Sae and I have been working on a Android app currently called Kirlian Cam, a reference to Kirlian photography, which is a form of photography made with electricity. Our idea doesn’t really have anything to do with the technology behind Kirlian photography, but the sort of “aura” […]

IP Cameras: Sae

I want to first build a network of IP cameras and start manipulating pixels on the images feed from the IP cameras.

There seems to be some difference between how normal camera processes images and how IP cameras process images.

It’s probably something that has to do with IP camera having to transmit data […]

Sae: Future of Camera Everywhere

Probably the strongest impact of the ubiquitous presence of cameras would be found in the networked(or cloud) sharing of the images and their metadata. There will be images available from anywhere at anytime and whoever is in search of a specific image will have much easier time finding what he/she was looking for thanks […]

Interesting Face Recognition Technology

Passport/ID using face recognition: The video is a bit lame but idea is interesting

Casino, banks, police using facial recognition technology to identify fraud:



Sae’s Skeleton Tracking



Sae’s 10 Ideas



1. Custom tailoring for suits. Magic Mirror for people to try on cloths without fitting room???

2. Teaching or analyzing movements for athletes.

3. controlling media surface (like in minority report).

4. Recording choreography.

5. Gesture based emoticon for face time.

6. music

7. tactical drills for military

8. Measure beauty (weight is […]

Hand Tracking | SAE


Spatial Literacy

Spatial literacy has always been something that I’ve wondered how much people in general are aware of their own capability to read space/images.

We are incredibly quick with processing visual information we receive but also quick with discarding them. Certainly, we don’t think about how such process happened in our head.

Spatial/visual information seems to […]