Twists and Turns of The Image Time Comparator

In the course of creating the Image Time Comparator (now offline), I ran into a few hitches. Surprisingly, the parts that I thought would be the hardest to do ended up being the easiest (though, not entirely easy). I had a vision for a website that was an “interactive time-lapse” to compare progress on a […]

Kinect Step Sequencer

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Camera walk?

I’ve posted it before I think that I always wanted a holodeck. But of course this is nothing like that. So for this project I finally got the network camera working at my place in Queens and uploading the images every 15 minutes. I shot some video from a window at ITP and put the […]

FaceOSC with SketchUp Whale

(Video above)

Face puppet with SketchUp and FaceOSCSyphon in Processing. Using oscP5 and objloader library and all the resources at ITP!!!

For our midterm I was interested to combine 3D modeling with face detection software in Processing. The .OBJ loader for Processing library works great! Its got built-in getVertex( ) and setVertex( ) commands […]