Twists and Turns of The Image Time Comparator

In the course of creating the Image Time Comparator (now offline), I ran into a few hitches. Surprisingly, the parts that I thought would be the hardest to do ended up being the easiest (though, not entirely easy). I had a vision for a website that was an “interactive time-lapse” to compare progress on a […]

Midterm Documentation: Owen & Sae

Midterm By Owen, on March 5th, 2012

Sae and I have been working on a Android app currently called Kirlian Cam, a reference to Kirlian photography, which is a form of photography made with electricity. Our idea doesn’t really have anything to do with the technology behind Kirlian photography, but the sort of “aura” […]



For the midterm, I wanted to extend my Voyeurism project in some way. My program connects to public (i.e. not password protected) IP cameras in 2 bars in Europe. The patrons of these bars are unaware that they are being broadcasted. While there is no expectation of real privacy when in a public […]



Camera walk?

I’ve posted it before I think that I always wanted a holodeck. But of course this is nothing like that. So for this project I finally got the network camera working at my place in Queens and uploading the images every 15 minutes. I shot some video from a window at ITP and put the […]

Calling our camera Bob – Crys Moore and Dollee Bhatia

In an active phone connection with the camera, dialing 1 would move it to the left, 2 would set it in the center and 3 would move it to the right. There are a lotta moving pieces in this project and the flow of data is currently setup like this:

Phone –> Asterisk (Phone Server) […]

Mirror Mirror – Midterm // Matt Epler

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ITweetP Midterm

Luca and I continued to work on our ITweetP project from last week. We used the javamail library and Dano’s IP camera code to capture frames from the Axis camera in the hallway, then had those frames emailed and posted to our twitter stream. We spent a lot of time trying to get the latter […]

Midterm: Image Time Comparator

While working on The Image Time Comparator for my Where-When Picture Project, I felt like it was on a good trajectory for a nice-sized midterm project. In the previous iteration, the user can compare a current webcam image with an image from 24 hours ago by moving the mouse up and down on the […]

An Hour on the Internet | Hannah Davis

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