Animating with Kinect

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Getting started with Unity3D

On the XMLFront

I used a text transcript of Marlon Brando’s famous monologue from “On the Waterfront” to convert to audio and read the amplitude to make the mouth open and close. I also aded some MIDI music. I wasn’t successful in my original plan, which is to get full body motion out of a character I […]

Writing Space | Crys Moore

I have a post with a video here


I was interested in creating something that would create a map of movement which could then be applied to different objects. Tak gave me some code that can record mouse movements into a text file and then read them back into another sketch to animate something. I got that far. Theoretically I would have liked […]

Blinks changing the Moving Image – Elena & Luca

XML file of millis and blinks here. Code here.

Black Knight

Kim and I started talking about limbs … and removing them. That led us very quickly to the Black Knight (of Monty Python fame). We used Kinect + Processing to slay our own Black Knight.

Here’s the story:

Sword at : (NaN, NaN) Sword at : (NaN, NaN) Sword at : (NaN, NaN) Sword […]

Body Music


Tokyo, 1954

XML // Matt Epler