Final Project – Lonely Camera

For my final project, I’d like to finish my ITweetP midterm.

What I need to do:

1) Replace keyPressed function with automatic motion detection using:

Frame difference, using a reference frame to compare to current image Background subtraction, decide how many pixels have to be different (mostPixelsChanged variable) A combination of frame differencing & […]

Black Knight

Kim and I started talking about limbs … and removing them. That led us very quickly to the Black Knight (of Monty Python fame). We used Kinect + Processing to slay our own Black Knight.

Here’s the story:

Sword at : (NaN, NaN) Sword at : (NaN, NaN) Sword at : (NaN, NaN) Sword […]

Down The Drain

I always bring my phone with me in the bathroom. I check Twitter or Facebook or maybe send a text message. For our AR assignment, I wanted to make something that functioned within that space. So, there are times when you know you’re going to be there awhile and why not be entertained?

Using the […]

ITweetP Midterm

Luca and I continued to work on our ITweetP project from last week. We used the javamail library and Dano’s IP camera code to capture frames from the Axis camera in the hallway, then had those frames emailed and posted to our twitter stream. We spent a lot of time trying to get the latter […]

ITweetP Image

I worked with Elena and Luca on this week’s Computational Cameras assignment and as they both mentioned it’s a work in progress. We wanted to use the Axis IP camera installed in the ITP hallway. Using OpenCV we would detect blobs, take a picture and have it tweet to the itphallway twitter feed. We’ve managed […]

Proliferation of Sight/Sites

The threat of the ubiquity of cameras as a means of surveillance and state control no longer exists. There’s been a diametric shift of power from the state to the citizen as cameras become increasingly more accessible and technologically advanced. We as individual/citizens no longer need to fear to the dystopic visions of the future […]

Eye Iterate

Eye Iterate detects the eye of the user and captures the pixels within that bounding box. Those pixels are then translated and scaled to iterate across the screen until the user disappears behind the eye. The pixels will continue to update as long as the user remains in front of the camera. I haven’t […]

Face Tracking Examples

1. CV Dazzle, a project by Adam Harvey, creates camouflage from computer vision. It uses makeup and hair styling to disrupt face-detection technologies. “The goal of CV Dazzle is to break apart the gestalt of a face, or object, and make it undetectable to computer vision algorithms, in particular face detection.”

2. People […]

Punching Nun

10 Ideas for Skeleton Tracking

1. Digi-Date, an instructional game on how to improve your dating game through body language and gestures.

2. Gait Date, an online dating community based solely on matching individuals based on their gait.

3. Sit Up Straight, an instructional game on proper etiquette in a variety of different environments. Users learn how to sit up […]