Interesting Face Recognition Technology

Passport/ID using face recognition: The video is a bit lame but idea is interesting

Casino, banks, police using facial recognition technology to identify fraud:


“Above the Neck” Research

I’m intrigued not as much by face tracking, but CV facial recognition. Here are a few of the things I found about it:

CV Dazzle: Camouflage from Computer Vision How Facial Recognition Systems Work Facial recognition progress report Face recognition computer lock "Mugspot" Can Find A Face In The Crowd — Face-Recognition Software Prepares To […]

Other Faces in Other Places

Face tracking projects from around the real world (I mean, Carnegie Mellon). Students in the Interactive Art and Computational Design class at Carnegie Mellon have recently posted their work using Kyle McDonalds FaceOSC face tracking software along with Greg Bornstein. Here a few examples of their work:

Alex Wolfe made an app called Face OSC […]

Links to interesting face recognition projects

5 “above the neck” tracking projects by other people – Federico

click me

5 Examples of “Above-the-Neck” tracking // Matt Epler

“Faces” by Arturo Castro

“Facial Puppetry” by Jason Saragih

“FaceDOM” by Steve Klise

“Face Substitution on Chat Roulette” by Ivana & Jackie

“iClosed” by Justin Lange

Face Tracking Research – Elena

My predisposition to eye tracking may or may not have become apparent in the following research…


1)Eye tracking controlling Head Mounted Microdisplay

Researches from Fraunhofer IPMS created a microdisplay that is mounted like a monocle, displaying augmented-reality like data and information. You can interact with the display simply by moving your eyes.

2) […]

Face OSC research | Hannah Davis

Projects that use FaceOSC to:

1) make a “bulge” in the video:

2) change a font size, to see how you want it to look:

3) make fog:

4) view a panoramic scene:

5) navigate a map:

6) control a servo motor:

Facial Recognition Research

Using your face as a music controller

Face substitutions

Face puppet

A field of stars

FaceWriter — typing with facial gestures

Face detection projects

SceneTap: using face tracking and surveillance to determine what bar you should go to. Google Image can categorize images containing faces to improve search results Faces are often tracked as ordinary objects that have slightly changing surfaces, but this discards information about the way faces are usually constrained relative to a camera that can […]