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Final Proposal | Dollee & Crys


Writing Space | Crys Moore

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Expensive Camera Research | Crys Moore

I posted my research here.

ubiquity of cameras | 5 years from now | Crys Moore

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Face Tracking Godzilla | Dollee & Crys

Dollee and I took our discarded Godzilla from last week and used him for face tracking this week….

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Face Tracking Research | Crys Moore

1. Bit Rocket – Counting crowd attendance at protests – Natalie Jeremijenko (for this project, she actually used blob detection to maintain privacy, but you get the idea…)

2. Next Generation Identification system– FBI Face Recognition, works like fingerprints.

3. Kyle McDonald/Arturo Castro – So freaking cool.

4. Zeugen V1 – Morgan Rauscher – interactive […]

Dano dance | Dollee & Crys

Dollee and I worked together this week for skeleton tracking. I have never laughed so hard…

10 ideas-skeleton tracking | crys moore

1. trying on clothing

2. bugs swarming over your body

3. charades turing test?

4. “corporeal coding” – being able to manipulate and animation of code running in space with your body movements/gestures. each routine and subroutine would have it’s own layer in space. also, you could for example grab a variable with your hand […]

Spatial Literacy | Crys Moore

In “Orality and Literacy”, Walter Ong describes the importance of writing as the single most important technological invention in that it transformed human consciousness. Pictographs, exacerbated by Alphabet style writing, dissolved boundaries between real and virtual. Ong asserted that the essential function of writing (Greek system) is to represent sound as a thing. I imagine […]