I was interested in creating something that would create a map of movement which could then be applied to different objects. Tak gave me some code that can record mouse movements into a text file and then read them back into another sketch to animate something. I got that far. Theoretically I would have liked […]

diminished reality

I played around with AR in Junaio a bit—my experiment can be viewed here.

But I spent more time this weekend playing with a Processing video filter that may be a component of the final project I’m thinking about, so I thought it would be more intersting to get feedback on that:

Expensive Camera – CS300K – Counter surveillance

“Current techniques for locating snipers (besides a well-trained pair of eyes) involve sophisticated microphone setups, which are essentially useless until the sniper fires a shot, at which point it could be already too late. But the CS300K Counter Surveillance Camera, from a company called JETprotect, promises to spot sniper scopes, binoculars, cameras and […]


Sae and I have been working on a Android app currently called Kirlian Cam, a reference to Kirlian photography, which is a form of photography made with electricity. Our idea doesn’t really have anything to do with the technology behind Kirlian photography, but the sort of “aura” photography that is popular in weird holistic medicine […]

Take a picture in an unexpected time or place

I spent a lot of time trying to get the Processing with Android and IP Camera code to work and wasn’t particularly successful. I did have one funny success, which was capturing the IP Camera in the classroom at about three in the morning when I finally got it working, and this is what I […]

Cameras in 5 years

2 changes that I see happening (not all of them, just a couple of many possibilities).

1. Enhanced personal vision—Camera phones enhance vision in one major way which is that we can share images and video in real time with people in other locations. So I can see the weird cactus my girlfriend found this […]

Face tracking

I was interested in creating something that censored itself using face tracking. I downloaded a “TOP SECRET” document about UFOs and then made it put a bar over the page wherever your eyes are. I also tried the opposite, having it only reveal the document based on where your eyes are, like a flash […]

Face tracking

Five interesting face tracking projects.

This bug that follows you is a more dynamic/robotic version of the classic eyes following passers by in a monitor or shop window or something. The exectution and design of the bug is pretty impressive, but its not super compelling in terms of the interaction.

This is cool. […]

kinect + processing + azealia banks + mickey

I was playing around with mapping different graphics onto the skeleton using Mickey Mouse as a stand in. I want to do more with this, use a naked body or something more interesting than Mickey. I need to make it so the hands interpret the angles of the arms and add feet and other […]

10 Skeletons

1. Naked body mapped to skeleton

2. Naked body draped over skeleton that has its own moves – maybe the user will being to move like the naked body on top of their projected body – or his/her body is taken away with bkg/body cancelation so they’re a head with a moving naked body below […]