On the XMLFront

I used a text transcript of Marlon Brando’s famous monologue from “On the Waterfront” to convert to audio and read the amplitude to make the mouth open and close. I also aded some MIDI music. I wasn’t successful in my original plan, which is to get full body motion out of a character I […]

AR Tests

I like the idea of using AR in books. I thought it would be neat to be able to open my notebook and see a character talk to me. The end sheets of my notebook have a pattern of blue icons on white and I thought that it would be perfect to use as […]

Twists and Turns of The Image Time Comparator

In the course of creating the Image Time Comparator (now offline), I ran into a few hitches. Surprisingly, the parts that I thought would be the hardest to do ended up being the easiest (though, not entirely easy). I had a vision for a website that was an “interactive time-lapse” to compare progress on a […]

Expensive Camera: Phantom HD Gold

Phantom Cameras are cine-style digital video cameras that are capable of ultra slow motion. The Phantom HD Gold by Vision Research can run at 2,213 fps (when the resolution is reduced to 512×512). At 1280×720 resolution, the camera can capture up to 1,576 frames per second. At this rate, one second appears to be […]

Midterm: Image Time Comparator

While working on The Image Time Comparator for my Where-When Picture Project, I felt like it was on a good trajectory for a nice-sized midterm project. In the previous iteration, the user can compare a current webcam image with an image from 24 hours ago by moving the mouse up and down on the […]

Image Time Comparator

There’s a construction project going on behind my building. I’ve been amazed by how much progress they make every day. I always thought it would be interesting to do a time-lapse or set up a camera and take 2 pictures 24 hours apart and fade between them to show the progress they make in […]

“Above the Neck” Research

I’m intrigued not as much by face tracking, but CV facial recognition. Here are a few of the things I found about it:

CV Dazzle: Camouflage from Computer Vision How Facial Recognition Systems Work Facial recognition progress report Face recognition computer lock "Mugspot" Can Find A Face In The Crowd — Face-Recognition Software Prepares To […]

Looking out the Window

I’ve been playing around with using face tracking to help make images/renderings of spaces on a computer screen seem more realistic because of the way that they’re responsive to the position of our eyes. I think this would be an interesting thing to play with for websites. I have a bit more work to […]

Hand Tracking vs. Skeleton Tracking

I decided to improve on my hand tracking assignment so that it (roughly) tracks the angle of my hand and rotates the superimposed foam hand appropriately. I’ve included before and after footage above. Code below:


10 Ideas for Skeleton Tracking

Here are my ten ideas for skeleton tracking, ordered from most feasible (that I could do as a project) to least feasible (might require future versions of the Kinect or other future technology):

Virtual instruments – a person could play air guitar or air drums and hear what they sound like. Computerized camera operator – […]