Android Camera

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IP Cameras: Sae

I want to first build a network of IP cameras and start manipulating pixels on the images feed from the IP cameras.

There seems to be some difference between how normal camera processes images and how IP cameras process images.

It’s probably something that has to do with IP camera having to transmit data […]

Dial 5 for the IP Camera

I wanted to build a phone interface to control cameras on an arduino. Step 1 in that direction was building a sinatra interface for the phone -i.e. access an IP camera by dialing into the phone server.

The phone dialplan is programmed to redirect the browser to the IP camera on dialing 5.


ITweetP part 2

— Continuation of ITweetP… We also do have OpenCV Blob Detection working. So… all three elements work independently. Next step: Synthesizing!


Image Time Comparator

There’s a construction project going on behind my building. I’ve been amazed by how much progress they make every day. I always thought it would be interesting to do a time-lapse or set up a camera and take 2 pictures 24 hours apart and fade between them to show the progress they make in […]

Still working on it

Bringing in images from another location is always challenging.

I began with the Android code in which I blame the errors more on the unpredictability of the handset I was working with rather than the code and ended up with this.

I then moved on the UDP part. I decided not use the […]

Android Photo Upload

Worlds collided this week as I am working on a camera trap in Wildlife Observations that will use an Android phone as a camera. The phone will be connected to a micro controller and will be triggered by a PIR sensor. After some frustration and semi-success with the Processing example I decided it might be […]

Take a picture in an unexpected time or place

I spent a lot of time trying to get the Processing with Android and IP Camera code to work and wasn’t particularly successful. I did have one funny success, which was capturing the IP Camera in the classroom at about three in the morning when I finally got it working, and this is what I […]

Taken pictures of interesting places


For the Where-When assignment, I built an applet that shows video feeds from 3 different networked cameras. The first of these cameras is located in a street in Lisbon, Portugal, the second a pub in Manchester, UK, and the third an internet cafe in Moscow, Russia.

I used the networked camera code as a starting […]