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AR attempt | Hannah Davis

My aim for this assignment was to make one pattern reveal a basketball and to make another reveal a hoop, and then eventually have the basketball be able to go into the hoop….I got so far as to get the basketball and hoop to appear when their respective patterns are on screen. I want to:


Camera Research: WVIL | Hannah Davis

I’ve been looking at Artefact’s concept camera, the WVIL. WVIL = Wireless Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens.

The key game-changer with the WVIL is that the camera detaches from the lens. And you can control the lens from afar. And you can control multiple lenses with one camera. This will allow for flexibility in shot-taking, for more […]

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Face OSC research | Hannah Davis

Projects that use FaceOSC to:

1) make a “bulge” in the video:

2) change a font size, to see how you want it to look:

3) make fog:

4) view a panoramic scene:

5) navigate a map:

6) control a servo motor:

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Spatial Literacy | Hannah Davis

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