Dynamic Bounding Boxes for Controlling Visualizations and AR Objects on a Massage Table

This project is an account of a control mechanism’s evolution. The objective is an intuitive interface for use in Enhanced Visualization Therapy. SimpleOpenNI’s hand tracking with the kinect was clumsy at best. It proved even worse than fiducials for AR.

Ultimately I decided to use closest point tracking.

In order to get […]

Augmented Reality Massage :: Final Project Proposal


One Day On My Way to XML…..



…The End

AR Massage Table

// Derived from the AR + Processing Tutorial on the Creative Applications Network // Augmented Reality Dynamic Example by Amnon Owed (21/12/11)

The Camera of No Camera :: For All That Is Encoded is Enfolded

The style of no style. -Bruce Lee _____________________________________

What is a camera?

A camera is a device that….

Wait, stop there; a camera is a device. At it’s most basic primordial description, a camera is a thing, and by definition, that thing exists. But what if there existed a universe in which the task […]

Proprioception Enhancement Tool

This is the 2nd version of the Proprioception Enhancement Tool (PET). I had intended to create this second version in openFrameworks, but was stymied by something I did not expect: catching up with where I had left off. Turns out that you can’t just write code then return to it 6 weeks later and […]

But Then My Homework Was Never Quite Like This:

A good friend of mine wrote a “reply immediately” email to me the other day. He wanted to know if I’d be back in the Bay Area by the 2nd of June. He said VanHalen was coming to the Oakland Arena. Being of sound mind and stout heart, I responded with the affirmative, and since […]

Other Faces in Other Places

Face tracking projects from around the real world (I mean, Carnegie Mellon). Students in the Interactive Art and Computational Design class at Carnegie Mellon have recently posted their work using Kyle McDonalds FaceOSC face tracking software along with Greg Bornstein. Here a few examples of their work:

Alex Wolfe made an app called Face OSC […]

The Reach of Universal Hand Tracking

Hand tracking experiments:


Background removal:

Spatial Literacy and Universal Digital Computation in an Analogue Universe

What will be changed when we can encode and decode spaces as we do language? More importantly, what will be changed when space can encode and decode itself as we do with thought and language?

What is enabled by computers manipulating spatial data as we to text?




Writing Restructures Consciousness:

Ong describes […]