Scnery Project: Hanami

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Sakura in Fukuoka

Hanami or flower viewing is commonly associated with the act of viewing cherry blossoms.

I think I’ve found my idea for my Computational Cameras final. It has an intresting history that dates back to the 18th century on how a single flower can symbolize extreme beauty and a quick death due […]

Help me decide

What to do for my finals?? I have a bunch and need to narrow them down and focus on ONE project for the next two weeks.

1. Enhance the AR project.

I would actually move the AR codes into playing cards and laying them down the table would project different words. I was thinking of […]

Tokyo, 1954

Flash cards

Inspired by this.

Then of course I can’t make this in one week. So let’s just use text for now.

I decided to use the AR toolkit this week. I wanted to make something like magnetic letters on a refrigerator. I got the idea for this in church where each code represents a […]

Ultra HDTV 8k

It’s been a long time coming but it’s application remains to be seen.

In 2006, researchers at the NHK demonstrated in Las Vegas a transmission of Ultra High Definition Television with 22.2 surround sound. THe broadcast was from Tokyo to Osaka via an IP network running at 1Gbps. Uncompressed, the sound signal alone an at […]

Camera walk?

I’ve posted it before I think that I always wanted a holodeck. But of course this is nothing like that. So for this project I finally got the network camera working at my place in Queens and uploading the images every 15 minutes. I shot some video from a window at ITP and put the […]

Still working on it

Bringing in images from another location is always challenging.

I began with the Android code in which I blame the errors more on the unpredictability of the handset I was working with rather than the code and ended up with this.

I then moved on the UDP part. I decided not use the […]

Cameras of the world 5 years from now

There are views that more cameras out there could mean two things. One is that We can finally get a grasp on what’s going on in the world. No longer can dictators and criminals hide from us. For once we can finally generate our own opinions on subjects that before, took an army of journalists […]

Apple Bite

import oscP5.*; OscP5 oscP5;

//crane[] crane; PImage crane1; PImage crane2; PImage crane3; PImage crane4; PImage crane5; PImage apple;

String crane= “crane1, crane2, crane3, crane4, crane5”;

PVector posePosition; boolean found; float eyeLeftHeight; float eyeRightHeight; float mouthHeight; float mouthWidth; float nostrilHeight; float leftEyebrowHeight; float rightEyebrowHeight;

float[] chew = new float [5]; //float[] crane = new float […]