*** This guide does NOT pertain to the IMA undergraduate program. ***

Spring 2023 ITP Advisement & Registration Schedule

On Thursday, October 20th at 4:00pm ET, the ITP Faculty have scheduled a “Community Catchup Meeting” to discuss the Spring ITP classes with current ITP students and to answer questions. We encourage you to please attend this meeting.

Advisement for the Spring 2023 term will begin on Monday, October 24th! Please wrap up your advisement meetings with your Faculty advisers by Friday, November 4th at the latest. Our advisement and registration calendar is included below.

  • 10/20/22: “Community Catchup Meeting”
  • 10/24/22 – 10/28/22: Wk.1 Advisement
  • 10/31/22 – 11/04/22: Wk.2 Advisement
  • 11/07/22: Lottery Closes at 12:00pm – Noon ET
  • 11/08/22 – 11/11/22: Lottery Transfer into Albert & Inputting Class Waiting Lists (Dante’s Review) ***ITP Classes are locked with Dept. Consent Holds During this Period***
  • 11/14/22: Sp23 Registration Begins in Albert by Appointment
  • 11/14/22: ITP Classes Open in Albert at 12:00pm – Noon ET for add/drop/swap

It is your responsibility:

1.) to sign-up for an advisement meeting with your Faculty adviser, and

2.) to mark your course preferences for the Lottery prior to your scheduled appointment time, so that you can review your Lottery selections with the Faculty adviser and make any necessary adjustments based on the outcome of your meeting.

Course Offerings:

You can see our course offerings for Spring 2023 by visiting the Forum.

Class Dates & Term Deadlines:

Class-specific dates and other important term deadlines for the Spring 2023 semester can be viewed on this page.

Class Schedule (One-Page Term Overview):

To see the class schedule as a one-page term overview, click here. Classroom assignments will also be posted here.

Marking Your Preferences:

The link to mark your preferences is in the left hand column of the Forum under “Lottery Registration” / “Lottery Preferences Page.” You can also click this direct link.

Please remember to hit the “Submit Choices” button after making your course selections to save your preferences, and you will receive a confirmation that your updates have been recorded (see below).

You may revise your course preferences at any point up through the November 17th 12:00pm – Noon ET Lottery deadline – it does not matter when you do this. **The ITP Lottery is NOT time-based, so entering in your preferences earlier than others does not give you any advantage over your peers.**

Adjusting the “Total ITP Units Requested” Box for Thesis Part 2

Thesis Part 2 (2.0 units) [for 2nd year ITP students] or Internship units are not Lottery classes, and those units must be subtracted from the “Total ITP Units Requested” Box on your Lottery Preferences Pages (see below). That means the most a 2nd year ITP student may request in the Lottery is 16.0 units. The Albert term unit limit is 18.0 units.

ITP Lottery Timeline:

  • The deadline to submit your preferences for the Spring 2023 ITP Lottery is Monday, November 7th at 12:00pm – Noon ET.
  • The results of the ITP Lottery will be transferred in to Albert, and class waiting lists will be inputted, from Tuesday, November 8th to Friday, November 11th (Dante’s Review). During this time, all ITPG-GT sections will remain locked in Albert with “dept. consent holds.”
  • On Monday, November 14th at 12:00pm – Noon ET, Dante will “release” the “dept. consent holds” on the ITP courses, making them available in Albert for add/drop/swap transactions.
    • Dante will share a list of open and waitlist available post-Lottery ITP classes prior to the releasing of the ITP classes in Albert so students may plan their schedules accordingly.
    • Dante lifts the holds on the ITP classes in alphabetical order #A-Z and it can take approx. 5-10 minutes to go through the entire class list, if students are attempting to join open seats in ITP classes and waiting lists, post-Lottery on the 14th.

ITP Faculty Adviser Assignments:

To find out who you are scheduled to meet with for ITP Faculty advisement, please click here (student names are ordered alphabetically by last name).

**Note, you must be logged in to your NYU email to access this list.**

Book an Appointment with Your Faculty Adviser:

To book an advisement appointment with your Faculty adviser, click here.

Registering for Outside Classes:

ITP students may register for classes outside of the department starting on Monday, November 14th at the appointment time. To find your appointment time, navigate to the Student Center in Albert and under “Enrollment Dates” you should have an appointment time for Spring 2023 registration. If you are unsure of your listed appointment time, or cannot see it, please contact Dante for assistance.

Any graduate-level courses in outside departments which are relevant to the course of study may be taken and credited toward the Tier 2 Electives for the ITP program. A recommended guideline is 8.0-units of outside classes during the 4-semesters, but students may exceed this guideline, should the courses be relevant to the course of study and discussed with their Faculty adviser.

The best way to look for classes outside of ITP is by doing targeted searches in Course Search. You will always want to filter for “Graduate” courses under “Academic Career.” Most departments put registration notes in the course listings, so that is the first place to check.

If there are no registration notes in Albert, feel free to look up the administrative contacts (we have a running list here), search for the department online and contact them directly, or email Dante for assistance.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about advisement, the Lottery, Spring classes, or any other registration matters, please feel free to reach out to Dante directly and he will be happy to help.