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GreenFab: Sustainable Design Through Engineering and
Technology:  After-School and Summer Enrichment Intern

GreenFab, funded through the National Science Foundation is a in school and after school
curriculum designed for first and second year High School students to help develop crucial analytical
and creative skills in the fields of sustainability, life sciences, engineering and prototyping/design.
Partnering with Sustainable South Bronx, ITP, MIT and Bronx Guild High School, students in the
Hunt’s Point community will be exposed to STEM fields as well as have access to the South Bronx
Fablab, a work space equipped with computer assisted machinery to help develop and build projects
that tackle local environmental issues.

We are looking for creative passionate interns with any of the following skills to assist with our after
school and summer enrichment classes:
• Physical computing
• Networking
• Sustainable design
• Biology and Environmental Sciences
• Rapid cardboard prototyping
• Engineering
•  Educational experience to help develop and implement this program.

Interns will assist with the creation and implementation of the GreenFab curriculum in the South
Bronx, and will provide instructional support during the after-school and summer enrichment
sessions with high school students.

For more information about Vision Education & Media or to apply for the above internships, please
email a cover letter and resume to Adriana Pentz, Senior Director of Operations at