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Vision Education & Media

Vision Education & Media
Internship Program

Vision Education & Media is committed creative uses of technology as an instrument for
educational excellence, student achievement, and school reform. Our mission is to empower
youth to use technology (computers, video, electronic music, Internet, robotics & beyond) in
creative, project-based ways. Our goal is to provide youth with enriching educational
opportunities in school and beyond school that empower them as creators, designers,
authors and producers of content and original works.

Vision Education & Media founder Laura Allen has worked with teachers and students and
technology for over twenty five years, creating some of the field’s most effective solutions
for using technology as a tool for learning and teaching. An early interest in LOGO
programming led Laura to the Harvard Graduate School of Education where she
collaborated on projects with the MIT Media Laboratory and the mathematician and
educator, Dr. Seymour Papert, the founder of LOGO programming and one of the world’s
foremost expert on instructional technologies. Laura developed the concept and curriculum
for the YWCA’s TechGYRLS program, a national program for girls ages 9 – 13 that is
currently running in over 80 YWCA’s across the country.

Internship Opportunities:

Ohmwork: Networking Homebrew Science: Social Media Intern

Vision Education & Media was recently awarded a MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and
Learning grant to develop an interactive homebrew science website for middle school students.
Ohmwork is a social networking site that focuses on creative exploration, hands on learning and
tinkering in the spirit of the D.I.Y. movement.  Our goal is to create rich digital learning experiences
through a series of video podcasts that are supported by blueprints, PDF instructions, and teacher
resources for projects that cost $35 and under.  We hope to create a community of educators,
students, parents, and D.I.Yers to challenge, grow and help one another.

We are looking for creative passionate interns with any of the following skills:
• Online marketing
• Web 2.0 skills
• Educational experience in Science, Physics, Technology, and Mechanics