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Internship at Metropolitan –Health and Hospitals Corporation

Internship at Metropolitan –Health and Hospitals Corporation
(Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Occupational Therapy)

This internship will provide an immersive clinical environment for assistive technology
developers in an acute inpatient and outpatient adult and pediatric rehabilitation setting.  Interns
will learn to identify clinical needs through in-service/lectures on various diagnoses, supervised
patient interactions and observations and collaboration with the rehabilitation team.  Once
clinical needs are identified, the intern, along with an OT assistive technology developer,  will
take an active role in the early stages of assistive device development, in direct user testing, and
in prototype redevelopment.  Interns will also be expected to utilize their background knowledge
to improve upon assistive devices currently in use at the facility.
(Required knowledge:  Physical computing, programming, interest in assistive technology
development a MUST)
(Preferred knowledge:  3D software development, mobile applications)


1. Prototype redevelopment of an upper extremity motor control assessment and treatment
device.  This device will be used by neurological patients who are regaining lost upper
limb function.  The device will provide creative visual and auditory feedback in response
to movement.  The device is required to be wireless, lightweight, easy to don/doff, and
not impede movement.

2. Prototype development of a head control attachment for a manual wheelchair (A special
case project for a child with cerebral palsy).  This project aims  to document changes in
the child’s postural and head control, and to promote improvements of these skills by
providing a personalized, motivating, interactive, age-appropriate, non-obtrusive tool that
would respond to the child’s head movements.

For more information contact Rusalette